Monday, August 10, 2009

Lock ‘n’ Load with our Mission

~Command ‘n’ Conquer - Command your team in conquering your enemy. Defend your land or simply invade others. Pride to the nation when the flag flies high or fall with bruise as your team loose.

~Alien vs Predator - As brutal as it sounds. Eliminate all enemy troops which you come intact with. Give no mercy to your opponent by painting them with your paintball. Search, Spot, Shoot..

~Mortal Combat - Brave heart is what you need. Heroes shall appear before a nation disappear. Strategize your rout to your enemy’s lair or simply assault your opponent and attempt to retrieve the flag. Next, defend yourself while retreating to your base. With honor in your hand the battle comes to an end.

~James Bond - Loose the girl, and you’ll find yourself in a mission. Brace yourself to another heart pumping battle. Pallets shall fly from every angle. Lock your enemy down and you may accomplish your mission. A battle can easily be won, but winning a war shall come with a price. Protect your comrade while he unlocks your victory.

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